Flowcase 2022: Celebrating Okta Workflows Leaders Driving Innovation in Identity Automation

Okta customers include some of the world’s leading brands, all leveraging Workflows to automate highly complex, identity-centric business processes – enabling them to save time, increase operational efficiency, and elevate their customer-facing experiences. Our first-ever Flowcase kicked off at Oktane22 to showcase leaders innovating with Okta Workflows to drive identity automation processes at scale across industries and use cases. 

The recipients of the Flowcase 2022 Builder Awards have harnessed the power of Workflows to move their businesses forward in massive ways. At Flowcase, we heard inspiring success stories, from how Opendoor’s IT team saved 300 hours monthly with automated provisioning to Zoom saving thousands of dollars and meeting global compliance requirements through automatic application revocation due to user inactivity. 

Here are the recipients of this year’s Flowcase 2022 Builder Awards:

Workflows Future Builder Award
Sathish Sridharan of Netflix

Okta’s Future Builder Award celebrates forward-thinking organizations that push the limits of building with Workflows, paving the way for their entire business to accelerate from the past into the future.

Netflix faced the unique challenge of managing a diverse set of user personas and types across production departments, and there was a growing need to unify identity lifecycle processes across all business units. Their solution was to implement a next-generation orchestration engine powered by a centralized platform to manage identities, where Okta Universal Directory and Workflows would meet those demands.

Workflows Breakthrough Builder Award
Quentin Butler of Opendoor

Our Breakthrough Builder Award goes to organizations that have successfully navigated through unpredictable circumstances and changes and continue to leverage Workflows to solve their most acute business challenges.

Opendoor entered into hyper-growth post-IPO in 2020 and was challenged with scaling IT tasks such as employee lifecycle processes requiring manual intervention. This manual grind greatly hindered their IT teams from accelerating business initiatives beyond daily repetitive tasks. With Workflows, Opendoor reduced over 1,600 IT tickets per month and saved 300 hours monthly with automated provisioning.

Workflows Explosive Growth Award
Steve DeSantis of Peloton and Tara Benjamin

The Explosive Growth Award celebrates organizations that have used Workflows to scale their operations and processes to meet the soaring demands of an explosive growth period.

Peloton required an Identity Access Management (IAM) architecture with integration compatibility, identity security, and compliance that could scale seamlessly in the long run with every new system they brought on board. They used Workflows to create a repeatable, robust, and transparent solution to meet Peloton’s regulatory compliance requirements (SOX, PCI, HIPAA).

Workflows 20/20 Vision Award
Zachary Bishop of Kyocera AVX

The 20/20 Vision Award is given to organizations that have harnessed and extended the power of Workflows and driven unmatched visibility and security across their workforce.

As a globally distributed organization, Kyocera AVX needs to secure and manage all its users from a centralized management plane. Extending the power of Okta using Workflows, their security team automated the multi-factor authentication onboarding process entirely and integrated Workflows with Splunk to help monitor the actions and status of users to improve their overall security posture.

Workflows Full Circle Award
Jordan Bowman of Zoom

The Full Circle Award is given to organizations that have conquered an impressive breadth of use cases ranging across user lifecycle customization, IT operations, communications and alerts, and security.

Zoom created one of the fastest-growing apps for an increasingly distributed and remote workforce and they needed to automate security at scale for their growing organization. Workflows enabled Zoom to automate and accelerate previously manual, time-consuming tasks, such as remediation protocols for IT administrators to more efficiently protect users against security threats.

Workflows Mountain Mover Award
Lourdes Kessler and Karthik Perathi of Wyndham Hotels & Resorts

The Mountain Mover Award celebrates organizations that put their customers’ demands, desires, and expectations first as they push the limits of what they can accomplish with Workflows.

Wyndham Hotels & Resorts managed over 500 lines of custom code to support a world-class end customer experience. Deploying custom code meant increasing maintenance and cross-functional involvement, which made the overall process cumbersome and error-prone. With Workflows, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts can now manage workstreams and automated processes more efficiently across their global business.

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