Announcing the 2023 Okta For Good Impact Report

At Okta, we have a bold vision: to free everyone to safely use any technology. And we do mean everyone. That’s the foundation of Okta For Good, our social impact and ESG program, with a mission to build a safely connected world where everyone can belong and thrive. Through our products, our donations, and our employees’ generosity, Okta helps organizations and their stakeholders leverage the power of Identity to drive positive change for people and the planet. 

Three years ago, we set three ambitious impact goals for Okta For Good: 

  • $10M in philanthropy by 2023 through our Okta for Good Fund 
  • $10M in product and service donations supporting nonprofits around the world 
  • $3M in support of racial equity, driven by Okta for Good and Okta’s co-founders’ personal contributions

And today, we’re thrilled to announce that, as of January 2023, we have now exceeded each of these goals.

That’s just one of the exciting takeaways of our latest Okta for Good Impact Report, an annual review of the work of Okta’s team, partners, and broader stakeholders focused on driving positive impact around the world. 

FY23 by the numbers 

The 2023 Okta for Good Impact Report details the measurable impact that Okta for Good had over the last year across a variety of metrics, including:

  • $6M in cash contributed by the Okta for Good Fund, Okta, Inc., and Okta employees, representing a 20% year-over-year increase
  • $5.2M in technology and services donated
  • 88% employee participation in Okta For Good (giving and/or volunteering)
  • 3,996 nonprofits supported through giving and volunteering, representing a 33% year-over-year increase
  • 30 employees and interns brought on as part of our workforce development initiatives
  • 100% renewable electricity achieved to match our office, remote workforce, and third-party cloud service electricity consumption

Key takeaway 1: Accelerating trust-based giving

We deployed $6M in grants in 2022 from the Okta for Good Fund, Okta, Inc., and Okta employees, supporting nearly 4,000 organizations worldwide. A key part of our approach is to support our partners with multi-year, unrestricted funding wherever possible. This is an important way to build trust and enable our partners to invest in their own capacity, infrastructure, and long-term health.  Of our 2022 grant dollars, 62% were multi-year commitments and 56% were unrestricted. (the social-impact arm of Auth0, acquired by Okta in May of 2021) granted an additional $3.5M in charitable grants to support 28 organizations. 

We also expanded our racial equity work, creating the Racial Equity Philanthropy Fellowship to connect employees to the work of our grantees who are advancing educational equality and voting rights, access, and education. 

Key takeaway 2: Addressing barriers to digital equity and security

Last year, we continued to see the power of Identity technology in the hands of mission-driven organizations. We supported thousands of nonprofits around the world with over $5M in donated products and services to help them secure the online identities of their employees, donors, and stakeholders. 

We also accelerated our work to protect nonprofits against cyber threats. In June, we launched our $1M Nonprofit Cybersecurity Portfolio and a major public-private partnership with NetHope, USAID, and the CyberPeace Institute to create the world’s first Humanitarian Information Sharing and Analysis Center (ISAC).

And in our efforts to help close the digital divide, especially in the communities where we live and work, we deployed nearly $750K in digital equity grants to organizations like the National Digital Inclusion Alliance, the Good Things Foundation, and United Women Singapore.

Key takeaway 3: Taking the next steps in our climate journey 

Perhaps no challenge facing society today is as far reaching or urgent as climate change, and at Okta we’re determined to lessen our impact on the planet and support organizations working toward the same goals.

Our Impact Report notes Okta for Good’s progress through several initiatives. After achieving 100% renewable electricity for our global offices and remote workforce as of 2020 and 2021, respectively, in 2022, Okta extended that goal to include our third-party cloud services. Also in 2022, our science-based targets for absolute emissions reductions were validated, marking a major milestone on our climate journey. 

Finally, in 2022 we expanded our climate equity grants, increasing our focus on the disproportionate impact of climate change on marginalized communities. We also helped local partners like Solar Stewards build solar capacity for low-income communities. 

We recognize that we can’t do this work alone, so we’re collaborating with other members of the Business Council on Climate Change (BC3). And we’ve developed guides to encourage Okta’s vendors to take action on climate by conducting and setting science-based targets for emissions reductions.

Okta For Good isn't just a philosophy — it's a practice. We’d like to thank our many partners, communities, employees, and customers for working shoulder-to-shoulder with us to help drive long-term value for people and the planet. We have  more work to do, but we’re excited to keep pushing the bounds of what we can achieve together, in 2023 and beyond. 

Read the 2023 Okta for Good Impact Report to learn more.