Introducing “Mistaken Identity,” Okta’s new podcast

What’s top of mind for today’s most successful product leaders? Creating a great customer experience, of course. But also, meeting business objectives. And staying ahead of the competition. And keeping user data secure. And complying with ever-changing regulatory requirements. And — well, the list goes on and on.

With so many priorities to juggle, how can product leaders keep the customer’s identity at the heart of everything they build? What approaches are their peers taking? And what are some ideas for refining your own approach?

Meet “Mistaken Identity,” our new podcast delving into the latest topics and trends in product development and Customer Identity. Hosted by Okta’s Senior Director of Product Marketing, Matt Duench, “Mistaken Identity” is an informative, illuminating companion for anyone interested in creating a more secure and seamless customer experience.

Each episode of "Mistaken Identity" will feature timely interviews with the leaders who are redefining how users access and interact with their favorite apps and services. We’ll chat with product experts, founders, innovators, and thought leaders who are revolutionizing Customer Identity and pushing the boundaries of what's possible.

Highlights from the first season of “Mistaken Identity” include: 

  • June 12: John Gannon, Co-Founder of GVC Partners
  • June 26: Carlos Marques, Head of Product Management at Mobileum
  • July 10: Marla Hay, VP of Product Management at Salesforce

Future episodes will feature conversations with product leaders from top companies like Salesforce, Pendo, and Meta. Our guests will provide firsthand accounts of their Customer Identity journeys, sharing the challenges they faced, the breakthroughs they achieved, and the lessons they learned along the way.

As the host of Mistaken Identity, I’m so excited to dive deep into how the world’s product leaders go about building great products that customers love,” says Matt Duench. “Of course, it’s never a straight line, and there are many bumps along the way. This podcast looks at how customer identity is helping to shape their strategies and what it takes to build secure customer experiences for everyone.”

At Okta, one of our core values is to be transparent. With our new podcast, we hope to peel back the curtain on Customer Identity, revealing new approaches and hopefully sparking great discussions. Tune in and join us.

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