New Dashboard role for Organizations support staff

We’ve made it safer and easier to use the Okta Customer Identity Cloud Dashboard to tackle common business customer onboarding and support tasks.

Since releasing Organizations just under two years ago, we have been delighted to see how our Organizations features have been implemented by a growing number of customers to solve their B2B SaaS use cases. Over that time, we have found that it’s common for a SaaS company to want to handle Organization setup and maintenance by having product support staff directly access the Auth0 Dashboard. Today, we’re making that practice more secure and easier with the release of our new Editor - Organizations Dashboard role

Previously, in order to manage Organizations, you needed to be a full Tenant Administrator. We find that often, the tenant member setting up and supporting Organizations configurations is not necessarily the same person who would manage sensitive operations like application configuration. Now, with the introduction of the Editor - Organizations role, you can delegate Organization Administration without opening up access to administer your entire tenant.

Editor - Organizations access

Assigning a Tenant Member with the new Editor - Organizations role provides access to create, read, update, and delete all Organization configurations within the Auth0 Management Dashboard. The new role also includes read-only access to Users, Roles, and Connections in order to support functions like Organization Invitations and Organization Connection enablement

Compose roles for senior technical support

Within the Okta CIC Dashboard, our role-based access controls allow for the custom composition of roles to fit your technical support needs. For example, for a senior technical support manager, you may want them to administer all functionality within Organizations while also granting the ability to add new users and create new connections. To do so, you can assign multiple roles: 

  • Editor - Connections: read, write, create access to connections
  • Editor - Users: user management operations and access to logs
  • Editor - Organizations: read, write, and create access to all Organization configurations including viewing users and connections

By combining all three of these roles, you can provide an increase in access for advanced technical support but still restrict areas of access like Applications or Rules.

To assign a Tenant Member access to the new Editor - Organizations role, your tenant must be in a Professional or Enterprise Plan. To learn more, check out our Dashboard Access by Role documentation, and don’t hesitate to reach out via our Community or to your technical account manager.

If you are looking to add other access for your support personnel, head to the Auth0 Community and give us feedback!