Okta participates in White House MFA symposium

Okta was honored to have several of our cybersecurity experts participate in today’s White House Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) Modernization Symposium

We applaud the Biden administration for holding this event and shining a light on the significant roles MFA and Identity play in securing critical infrastructure and successfully delivering benefits and services. The administration brought together a thoughtful and knowledgeable group of government leaders, digital identity providers, and critical infrastructure organizations for meaningful conversations about future applications, adoption, and innovations in cybersecurity, emphasizing phishing-resistant MFA and passwordless technologies. 

Okta is proud to participate in these critical public and private partnerships that strengthen our national cybersecurity posture. We look forward to continuing our work with the administration to bring the best of the private sector to support shifting the burden of mitigating cyber risk and investing in our long-term cybersecurity – the primary goals of the National Cybersecurity Strategy

Learn more about how MFA can improve both security posture and user experience from Okta’s Secure Sign-in Trends Report.