What makes Okta one of the Best Workplaces in Tech? 

At Okta, technology is at the heart of everything we do. We value innovation as one of our core values, and our mission has always centered around enabling everybody to use any technology safely. As a technology company, we strive to have a people-first philosophy and offer a wide range of benefits, from personal well-being to innovative hackathons. Okta is a proven great place to work in tech and a great place to grow your career. 

This year, Okta was selected by Great Place to Work as one of the Best Workplaces in Technology. To celebrate, we hosted a campaign on Slack to learn why our employees love working at Okta. . 

A common theme throughout the comments included sentiment around work-life balance, product and market opportunity, and the people. With over 100 comments, 40% of the feedback revolved around Okta’s culture and people : the intelligent, kind, thoughtful, humble, and driven workforce. 

Read why our employees think Okta is a great place to work in tech! 


“Being here almost 10 years, I have seen a lot of change, but the culture, the employees, and the willingness to help each other toward a common goal is second to none!” — Christian Mayoros

“Our BLOC culture (builder, learner, owner, collaborator) and company values!” — Stephanie Bailey

“Okta shines as a workplace due to its inclusive and diverse culture, creating a sense of belonging, and its leadership in cutting-edge Identity and security solutions, providing tech enthusiasts the chance to tackle pressing security challenges.” — Vineet Bhalla 


“6000-plus talented people with very diverse backgrounds and different office locations work together every day to fulfill a united purpose, i.e. to make the enterprises more secure. That makes me happy and motivated to keep contributing towards this unified goal. But also in personal phases of difficulty (recently became a dad), you need a workplace which has your back and is supportive; Okta is all that and much more!” — Mihir Bhende

“[I love] the people, culture and vibe, transparency, WFH and work-life balance, benefits, and of course Okta itself as the Identity platform!” — Diogo Fernandes 

“I work with excellent people in a remote work setting that offers a variety of effective collaborative tools to make this productive and seamless. I love the open technical culture, where anybody is welcome to observe, learn from, and contribute to the designs and efforts of other teams. With Okta, I am free to fulfill my duties in ways that leverage my personal strengths. Likewise, I have the opportunity for professional improvement, leveraging the strength and knowledge brought by my colleagues. I appreciate that Okta technology units really do value thinking outside the box.” — Jon Marks

The recognition of Okta as a “Best Workplace in Technology” for the first time is an exciting confirmation of our efforts and lets us know we’re on the right track. We are a culture of builders, learners, owners, and collaborators with a core value of empowering our people. We strive to empower all our employees to work in a way that enables them to be seen, valued, and heard. This recognition helps celebrate the progress we’re making in these areas and will continue to make as Okta grows. 

If you want to find out firsthand why Okta is a great place to work, visit our careers page.