Introduction to Okta Workflows

Okta Workflows is a no-code platform for building identity automation. For example, you can create the following workflows without asking IT or developers for help:

  • Reset password and end-user sessions when suspicious activity is detected.
  • Add or remove user access to applications.
  • Send notifications (Teams, Slack, email) when events occur in your Okta organization.
  • Create basic reports.

Okta Workflows fundamentals

This section will teach you about Okta Workflows fundamentals.

You build a flow using cards. Each card is a step in a flow.

The following flow composes a message and sends it using Office 365 Mail when a new user is created in Okta.

workflows ms notify email

Okta Workflows flow.

There are two types of cards: app action and function cards.

App action

App action cards are pre-built connectors controlling other applications or web services – for example, Gmail, Office 365, Slack, Jira, and other connectors.  

workflows_connectors.png (918×1074)

Okta Workflows connectors.


Function cards interact with, change, or control the data in a flow. Some examples of function cards:

  • True/False: Evaluate values based on true or false conditions.
  • Flow Control: Manage and manipulate the structure of your flow.
  • Date & Time: Parse and manipulate times and dates.
  • List: Create and iterate over lists of items.
  • Number: Perform mathematical operations.
  • Text: Build, modify, and parse text.

workflows_functions.png (1648×1078)

Okta Workflows functions.

A card has two types of fields: input and output.

Input fields accept values. Output fields are values a card produces. A card can pass output values to subsequent cards.

An example of the Text – Length function card:

workflows_text_length_card-74981c95c6239f63e19e2d31defe14efddae7d94e9ff63161b752b1be4b8aad0.jpg (526×646)

The Text – Length card.

The Text – Length card calculates and returns the number of characters in a text string.

  • The text field is the card’s input.
  • The length field is the card’s output (the lower grey area).

The Text – Length card works with data.

An example of the Okta – Read User app action card.

workflows_read_user_card.png (528×1036)

The Okta – Read User card.

The Okta – Read User card returns user information.

  • The ID field is the card’s input.
  • The card returns several output fields (the lower grey area).

The Okta – Read User card works with application data (Okta in this example). Behind the scenes, it’s an API call.

Passing data

Connect a card’s output field to a subsequent card’s input field to pass data between cards.

workflows_passing_data.gif (756×516)

Passing data to the next card.


Build your first identity automation

Complete the following Getting Started tutorials:

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