Fine Grained Authorization and new Okta Privileged Access features: The latest in Okta product capabilities

Welcome back to Okta’s Quarterly Release Overview! We’re excited to showcase our Q1 innovations from January–March. Dive into the latest capabilities, including Fine Grained Authorization, new Okta Privileged Access and Okta Identity Governance capabilities, and more.

Okta is the World’s Identity Company. We free everyone to safely use any technology — anywhere, on any device or app. With new innovations and product capabilities, we enable every company to do three things: know their customers better to grow revenue, control their technology sprawl and reduce costs, and adopt the strongest cybersecurity posture possible to help prevent Identity-based attacks.

What’s new with the Customer Identity Cloud 


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This quarter’s Customer Identity Cloud capabilities center on bolstering security measures, and helping control costs with increased efficiencies for developer and IT workflows.

We’re excited to introduce Fine Grained Authorization, enabling developers to define authorization in a way that best fits their business and use cases. Fine Grained Authorization is authorization-as-a-service, where developers can define authorization logic with greater scalability, availability, and auditability than traditional access control methods. 

Now, they can spend less time building and maintaining authorization and more time building and shipping new products and features. Fine Grained Authorization helps increase security and efficiency and is available for both Workforce and Customer Identity Cloud.

Next up for Customer Identity Cloud, we’ve launched Directory Sync with Inbound SCIM. With Inbound SCIM, businesses can simplify and automate user management — like de-provisioning for user access across applications — reduce manual work, increase security, and ensure compliance. 

What’s new with the Workforce Identity Cloud 

The Workforce Identity Cloud is a unified solution that ensures the right people have access to the right resources — with least standing privileges — at the right time and in the right context, re-assessed continuously. All while delivering a delightful experience for admins and users.

Last quarter, we introduced Okta Privileged Access, which provides unified access and governance for privileged resources — whether on-prem or cloud — and increases visibility, compliance, and security without compromising user experience. 

This quarter, we’re excited to announce a new feature of Okta Privileged Management: Custom labels for servers. This feature provides even more granularity with server access and management. Now, you can easily manage your unique access needs via the security policy. 

Last but not least, Entitlement Management for Okta Identity Governance offers unparalleled visibility and control over who has access to applications and permissions within your organization.

Okta Identity Governance is Okta’s unified Identity and Access Management and governance solution that helps you manage Identity and access lifecycles across multiple systems and improves the overall security of your company. Now with Entitlement Management, you can manage and govern fine-grained entitlements for your SaaS and on-prem applications. 

These capabilities are only the beginning. To see the full set of product capabilities that enable secure and seamless experiences, please visit our Product Release Overview hub.

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