Inside Okta’s new brand campaign

Imagine if you were free. Free from the old ways of doing things. From outdated tools and inefficient workflows, from forgotten passwords and frustrated IT teams. Free from the burdens of bad actors, painful user experiences, and costly security breaches.

What if you were free from all that? What would you focus on instead? What impossible things would suddenly become possible?

That’s the driving question behind our new brand awareness campaign — the biggest in Okta’s 15-year history. It’s a bold, global effort to introduce ourselves to new audiences with an inspiring vision of a world made possible with Okta.




It’s possible. It’s Okta.

The concept is simple. Okta isn’t just a leader in Identity and Access Management (although we’re proud to be that) — we’re a strategic partner that helps businesses unlock their full potential. With Okta, goals that once seemed out of reach can become a reality.

From billboards to podcasts to broadcast ads and beyond, our new campaign will paint a picture of the incredible outcomes made possible with Okta. “Life without passwords?” It’s possible. “Your last ever Identity crisis?” It’s possible. “Changing the world?” Well … you get it. The possibilities are truly endless.

And we’ll sum it all up with one crisp tagline: It’s possible. It’s Okta.


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Featuring the world’s most trusted brands

One of our core values at Okta is to love our customers. They’re the inspiration for everything we build. And with Okta as their Identity partner, they’re achieving extraordinary things. Yes, they’re strengthening security, saving time, and cutting costs — but they’re doing so much more.

So we knew our campaign had to spotlight organizations that are making incredible things possible with Okta. We’ll be featuring some of the world’s most trusted brands, including leaders in tech, travel, sports, and entertainment.

The campaign will reveal how these great companies are dazzling customers, revolutionizing workflows, and conquering new markets with Okta as their Identity partner.


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Where you’ll find us

Okta’s new campaign is already rolling out in select markets, including the US, the UK, France, Japan, Australia, and India — and its reach will rapidly expand over the next few months. Here are just some of the places you can expect to find us:

  • Premium publications including The Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, The Economist, and Harvard Business Review
  • Out-of-home locations like major international airports and downtown billboards 
  • In global transit hubs — think the London tube, Tokyo train stations, and the Paris Metro
  • On the airwaves — in business podcasts like Freakonomics, talk radio like The Times, broadcast TV like Bloomberg, and streaming platforms
  • And a host of other places like industry events, inflight magazines, and even a Bangalore golf club 


Newspaper ad


More to come

Okta’s new brand awareness campaign is an ongoing effort by a team of dozens of incredibly creative and dedicated Oktanauts, working tirelessly for months alongside our talented external partners. We’re proud to finally share our work with you.

Here’s to 15 years of Okta, to our amazing customers, and to all the possibilities yet to come.