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Neal Tillery

Senior Solutions Architect

Neal Tillery is a Senior Solutions Architect at Okta, with 15 years of experience in the Identity industry. Prior to joining Okta, he worked at Sun Microsystems and SailPoint, helping Fortune 500 companies implement Identity solutions for their global teams. He is passionate about how Okta can help customers quickly and easily secure their applications and infrastructure. Neal holds a BS in Computer Science from Louisiana State University. He enjoys cooking food from his home state of Louisiana, and sharing tables of boiled crawfish with fifty of his closest friends and family.

Our Customers Are Tidying Up IAM—Here’s How

We’ll be the first to say that modern identity and access management (IAM) systems are complex. On the one hand, they need to be powerful enough to deal with multiple identity silos and application technologies. And on the other, they need to operate with legacy infrastructure. With the wrong...