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Acronis Cloud


What makes this product unique

- Protection for 20+ platforms including physical, virtual, cloud, and mobile devices. Having one solution for all systems reduces complexity and costs, especially when compared with deploying multiple backup tools for different types of systems.

- Top-notch backup and restore speed. Proprietary archiving technology, the result of 15 years of ongoing research and innovation that’s based on the asynchronous data-access engine, allows best-in-industry backup and recovery speed – at 500 MB/sec and faster.

- Nearly unlimited scalability. Unlike the majority of backup solutions (especially local appliance-based products), Acronis Backup Cloud requires zero additional investments to scale the backup system. Its hybrid cloud architecture and multi-tier/multi-tenant model avoids unnecessary, undesirable, often unplanned expenses.

- The backup industry’s most advanced anti-ransomware protection. Although some vendors claim to incorporate AI-based ransomware protection, their solutions have three main disadvantages: low accuracy of ransomware detection (because of primitive algorithms), no ability to stop a ransomware attack (just detection), and no automatic restoration of deleted files (only via manual restore).

- Flexible storage options. Acronis offers numerous backup storage options per the 3-2-1 rule of backup, so customers remain compliant with business requirements: ready-to-use Acronis Cloud Storage, integration with AWS, Azure and Google Cloud Platforms, Acronis Backup Gateway software component to store backups on third-party off-site storage, local networked storage and Acronis Storage, and a scale-out on-premises storage solution.

- Minimal impact on customers’ systems’ performance. Since backup management operations are performed off-site, the load is taken off customer systems. Plus, there are no additional server resources required for customers.

- Integrated, proprietary cyber-protection technologies. Fueled by over 100 patents, the Acronis AnyData Engine is a set of deep and powerful cyber-protection technologies that captures, stores, recovers, controls and accesses data in virtual, physical, cloud and mobile environments.

- Cost-effective DRaaS. Acronis Disaster Recovery Cloud is a DRaaS add-on for Acronis Backup Cloud. This means service providers can ‘flip a switch’ to add DR functionality to existing backup systems - reducing deployment time to mere minutes. By reusing the backup solution’s components, the only additional component required on the customer’s side is a virtual VPN appliance. The “all-in-one” backup + DR approach enables multi-layer protection for entire environments with faster recovery, greater ease – and less expense.