Last updated: Oct 31, 2022

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authID Verified Passwordless & Biometric MFA


Combining Okta with VerifiedTM prevents unauthorized access and business disruption due to compromised credentials across your entire workforce, with adaptive biometric and FIDO2 authentication

authID’s Verified delivers Human Factor Authentication combining strong FIDO2 passwordless authentication with cloud biometric MFA to authenticate the human behind the device. With more than 80% of data breaches exploiting the human element, such as social engineering, MFA attacks and credential phishing, today’s cybercriminals prey on passwords and human error.

Verified™ Workforce combined with Okta eliminates passwords, credential compromise, and related business disruption risks. By pairing frictionless identity assurance with device authentication assurance, Verified offers:

  • Strong Identity Assurance - Always know it’s your authorized user – not just their device. Throw away identity assumptions with FIDO2 authentication, bound to Verified’s biometric chain of trust.

  • Portable Identity - Cloud-biometrics provide seamless user authentication across device or operating system, so users can securely enroll additional devices with no help desk hassles, and connect using any authorized mobile device or computer.

  • Secure Account Recovery - Protect against unauthorized access and eliminate weak recovery methods. Cloud biometrics frictionlessly reaffirm user identity in the event of lost, stolen, or replaced devices.


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How Verified Works. Zero Trust Access Anywhere

With a quick selfie enrollment, Verified binds a user’s cloud biometric identity to their FIDO2 enrolled device passkey. For workforce enrollment requiring higher identity verification, Verified also includes remote biometric and document-based identity verification. Employees now login safely to your enterprise applications without passwords using device-biometric technologies, such as Windows Hello, Apple FaceID and TouchID, and others.

When the enterprise needs to elevate privileges to add or recover a device, authenticate access to a sensitive application or provide privileged access to critical systems, Verified steps the user up to an auditable, biometric MFA. Available anywhere, Verified delivers the portability your  users demand through a seamless experience delivered in a browser on any device, without the hassles of software or hardware authenticators.

Verified leverages OIDC and an API-first approach to support Human Factor Authentication across all your cloud/SaaS and legacy systems that run your organization--without holes in security. With Verified plus Okta, authentication responsibilities are delegated to authID to ensure that you always know who is behind every access request. Verified can prove immutably that an authorized user is in possession of a FIDO registered device, to prevent unauthorized access and data compromise dynamically – across your enterprise.

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