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Axway - AMPLIFY Platform


AMPLIFY is Axway’s Hybrid Integration Platform using which Enterprise customers can easily create and integrate APIs and microservices into your applications, access an extensive catalog of pre-built connectors and services, rapidly develop cross-platform mobile apps, and more. Okta's AMPLIFY integration gives the ability for any enterprise to bring all their users via a secure authenticated way to use AMPLIFY platform and automate user onboarding and offboarding process

The Challenge

  • Stop repetitive one-off integrations
  • Gain cloud cost savings and increase scale
  • Extend the value of traditional data integration patterns 

The Solution

• Focus on reusable integrations that can be leveraged by wider internal and external teams
• Move on-premises integration silos to the cloud, or by leveraging them in place with hybrid deployment
• API-enable files, transactions, and messages

Discover, integrate, deploy, monitor. All in one platform

Easily create and integrate APIs and microservices into new and existing applications, access an extensive catalog of pre-built connectors and services, rapidly develop cross-platform mobile apps, and more with AMPLIFY™, Axway’s hybrid integration platform.

Axway’s hybrid integration platform

Innovation is powered by integration

Customers can more easily connect all existing systems and API gateways, data, heritage applications, and integration silos, including non-Axway. Integration patterns in a central catalog are more quickly discovered and reused both internally and externally, automatically updated following source changes. Users have common visibility and management to everything from a single place where they will see traffic and usage. AMPLIFY can be deployed across a hybrid environment. All told, it can be used to integrate and deliver digital outcomes 2 times faster.

The faster you can integrate, the faster you can innovate

Innovation powered by integration


An open platform for APIs that handles the toughest integration challenges.

Mobile apps integrations


AMPLIFY API Management turns technology from a stumbling block into a building block. Axway provides the only out-of-the-box solution that allows management and reuse of all APIs and integration assets across all environments and vendors through a centralized management layer, and a central marketplace, Unified Catalog. We help create brilliant experiences for better growth, automate and grow cost-efficiently, and secure digital systems.

AMPLIFY API Management combines full API lifecycle management, a secure integration foundation, and monitoring and analytics to help you automate, adapt and innovate:

  • Design, Build and Test APIs. Reuse and leverage all digital capabilities thanks to a Unified Catalog, design APIs and send designs automatically into AMPLIFY and test your APIs in a configurable environment.
  • Deploy APIs. Deploy APIs faster in a CI/CD-friendly manner and deploy APIs at scale in any environment (multi-cloud, hybrid, on-premises, or Axway Managed Cloud) and in a gateway of choice.
  • Secure API traffic. Use to secure APIs and protect an organization from threats – Axway is the only vendor with Common Criteria Certification for API Management – and leverage the power of the APIM solution to craft customized policies to govern API traffic.
  • Manage. Use a single layer of management for all digital capabilities, from APIs to file transfers, across all environments, vendors, microservices, and events.
  • Analyze. Analyze the success of digital business with detailed metrics and end-to-end visibility.
  • Extend & Reuse. Find and consume APIs and integration assets 200x faster and discover, share, monetize, and drive adoption of all digital capabilities through a fully customizable central marketplace.

AMPLIFY Content Services (formerly known as Syncplicity)

ZIt's your content. Put it to work for you.

laptop and key

AMPLIFY Content Services elevates enterprise file and content experiences by removing silos between systems, people, and applications. Relevancy drives engagement in every customer, employee, and partner experience — moving businesses forward. A content services platform (CSP) helps achieve this.

With AMPLIFY Content Services, corporations add a new level of digital operations that enables and empowers teams to consume and create new content experiences, letting them solve business challenges faster and with more precision.

Cloud-native with cloud-scale, content services give the control and agility to do what’s best for business. With AMPLIFY Content Services, organizations can centralize, manage, and protect their files, data, and content. They can add intelligence and engage in file sharing with people, places or things using APIs, application integration, or Axway pre-built integrations and apps.

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Open Everything. Discover an integration platform that future-proofs your business way beyond the foreseeable.

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