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Sign into bambooHR and automatically manage employee data


BambooHR is the No. 1 Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) company providing online HR Software for small and medium businesses that have outgrown spreadsheets.

BambooHR's cloud-based system is an intuitive, affordable way for growing companies to track and manage essential employee information in a personalized Human Resources Information System (HRIS). With BambooHR, people managers now have more time for meaningful work and executives get accurate and timely reports. Employees can self-service their time off using the convenient mobile app.

The pre-built BambooHR app integration for Okta keeps your HR and IT in sync. Updates to employee data and profiles in BambooHR inform IT systems, enabling automated user lifecycle management across both SaaS and on-premises apps in conjunction with directories like Microsoft Active Directory.

The Challenge

HR Information Systems (HRIS), like BambooHR, are usually the system of record for employee information. IT needs this employee data in order to create new accounts, provision applications, and deactivate users when they leave a business. This exchange between HR and IT can be a friction-filled process and is high risk for data transcription error and security vulnerabilities. With the explosion of cloud-based apps, HR systems, and directories, communication between HR and IT needs to be drastically simplified and improved.

  • Process inefficiency: It’s time-consuming to transmit employee data through email or file extracts—and risky, too
  • Security loopholes: Deprovisioning users takes an average of 47 working hours—a long time to be unsecured
  • Wasted employee time: Filing helpdesk tickets and waiting for apps and permissions updates takes a toll on output

The Solution

Okta plus BambooHR is a pre-built integration that keeps HR and IT in sync. Employee data and profile updates in BambooHR inform IT systems, enabling automated user lifecycle management across apps (both SaaS and on-premises) and directories like Microsoft Active Directory.

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Lower security risk when users leave

Close security loopholes upon employee departure with automated deprovisioning and access suspension based on HR triggers.


Improve employee productivity

Provision new employees as soon as they start, let them update their own user profiles, and update their permissions when their roles change.

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Automate employee provisioning

Assign IT-managed applications automatically, using HR triggers (e.g., New Hires) and user attributes (eg., Department).

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Keep data updates fresh everywhere

Ensure the fidelity and freshness of employee attributes by propagating HRIS updates to downstream apps on a recurring basis.

Joint Customer Success

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"Identity really just flows from our HR tools into Okta and then into everything else—our internal tools, our external tools...It works really well."
– Aaron Zander, Senior IT Administrator, Massdrop


Add this integration to enable authentication and provisioning capabilities.



Here is a section all about documentation, integration, and implementation.

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Okta Verified
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