Last updated: Nov 20, 2020

BeyondID Epic Provisioning Connector


This Epic provisioning connector by BeyondID allows healthcare IT admins to use Okta to create, update, deactivate, and delete workforce accounts within Epic. With account sourcing set up in your IT environment, account changes in Okta or a Human Resources Information System (HRIS) connected to Okta will automatically be reflected in Epic. In addition, this integration uses Okta to automatically pass any changes made in Epic to downstream applications. This integration is built and maintained by BeyondID, which provides unique, innovative services and solutions that enable customers to enhance security and productivity, expand business, and reduce costs.

The Challenge

  • Workforces are complex and dynamic at healthcare organizations, creating a heavy ongoing workload for IT and HR teams responsible for onboarding and offboarding users, and updating user roles as jobs change
  • Manually creating, updating, and deleting electronic records in Epic —and making sure those changes are reflected everywhere—can be time-intensive and error-prone
  • Healthcare orgs need to automate user management and assign access controls, protect sensitive patient information, and stay compliant with regulations

The Solution

Use BeyondID + Okta’s connector to securely and automatically provision, deprovision, and update user accounts in Epic

Give IT admins the ability to centrally manage user accounts by bringing together identity stores and user management controls in a seamless workflow, with account changes automatically reflected everywhere

Ensure authorized healthcare providers and support staff have access to electronic health records in Epic whenever they need it

Protect sensitive patient information by applying Okta’s Multi-Factor Authentication to electronic health records (EHR) access, for added security and regulatory compliance

Automate provisioning and deprovisioning into Epic

Okta and BeyondID’s Epic connector (covering EMP records, for employees, and SER records, for service providers) combine to automate user management for your healthcare organization. The SCIM provisioning capability ensures that when user activities–create, read, update, and delete (CRUD)–are initiated in either Okta or Epic, those changes will be reflected in both systems, as well as propagated to any downstream applications connected to Okta, whether on-premises or in the cloud. 

Secure access to sensitive information with best-in-class identity management 

In highly-regulated industries like healthcare, ensuring that sensitive information stays secure is of paramount importance. BeyondID’s Epic connector provides the ability to easily extend Okta’s best-in-class identity management capabilities, including Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) protection, to Epic access. On-premises and off, authorized clinical care providers and employees can easily and quickly self-authenticate so they can access the Epic services they need to provide the best quality care, while patient health records remain secure and the company stays comfortably in compliance.

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Simplify workforce management for Epic users

  • Provide your healthcare workforce secure access to the Epic electronic medical records they need to optimize patient care
  • Simplify provisioning and deprovisioning for your IT team, and ensure records stay up to date everywhere, with changes in Okta automatically reflected in Epic and in downstream applications
  • Use MFA to ensure secure access to sensitive information and keep the healthcare organization in compliance with industry regulations