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Civis Platform


Civis Customer Science is a single solution that combines the best of well-known technology categories like CDPs, DMPs, identity graphs, etc. at unprecedented scale, with leading-edge data science for better decisioning, targeting, and personalization. Aspects of Civis Customer Science include six “families”:

Civis Platform: A workbench that enables data scientists and highly technical analysts to use their favorite tools to import and export data, conduct real-time analysis, and automate and scale their workflows so they can efficiently uncover and share insights with decision makers.

Identity Resolution & Data Enrichment: Unifies disparate data sets to create a single view of consumers with first-party data, Civis’s proprietary data assets and a probabilistic person-matching algorithm.

Research & Social Science: Survey science and creative testing to build better understanding of opinion using the Civis survey infrastructure and weighting methodology to remove bias from surveys.

Predictive Modeling: Build and activate individual-level models that predict acquisition targets, lifetime value, likelihood to churn, persuadability, outcome-based segments, and media ingestion to effectively engage each consumer.

Attribution & Optimization: Measurement of advertising performance across and within channels to optimize spend. Utilize algorithmic attribution attribution methodology to understand and optimize marketing ROI with a world-class causal inference model.