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Our mission at ContractSafe is to get rid of your contract headaches with our secure, easy to use products.

We focus on the key elements of contract management that make your life easier:
- Everything available in one safe place
- Find what you need fast with OCR and great search
- Never miss a key date with easy reminders
- Share access safely with flexible roles and permissions
- Integrations with DocuSign, SalesForce, Active Directory, Okta and other key business solutions
- Get started immediately with no training or implementation needed
- Turnkey services to get your existing contracts all setup
- Great customer service to help you with any questions

Many of our customers come from a world of folders on shared drives and Excel tracking. They find it an easy transition to our solution and get all of the above benefits.

Others downgrade from more complex contract management systems because they. They find that with all the complexity and bells and whistles, most people cannot figure out how to use it, or are incredibly frustrated.

Our customers include leading companies in industries like Health Care, Hospitality, Biotech, Finance, Real Estate, Technology, Consumer Products, Oil & Gas, Education, Aviation, and many others.

Our NPS is 70. Learn why customers who compare, choose ContractSafe. Try it out for free at www.contractsafe.com/register.
Or, set up a demo to find out more at www.contractsafe.com/demo.