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Coursera is a leading online learning platform for higher education, where 60 million learners from around the world come to learn skills of the future. More than 200 of the world’s top universities and industry educators partner with Coursera to offer courses, Specializations, certificates, and degree programs. 2,400 companies trust the company’s enterprise platform Coursera for Business to transform their talent. Coursera for Government equips government employees and citizens with in-demand skills to build a competitive workforce. Coursera for Campus empowers any university to offer high-quality, job-relevant online education to students, alumni, faculty, and staff.

 Together Okta and Coursera Deliver

Single Sign-On (or SSO) with Okta allows users to pass between two systems without having to manually type in a username and password while maintaining trust between the two systems. It involves passing information about the user to Coursera from which Coursera initializes an account for the user. It has numerous benefits, a few of which are outlined below.


TlI6AiHmifi4BnihNItWXNepFW1JBEQUWzm7IVyzlGrHsl2zYUBTpF9VivivyYQLE0OtmkVfl7gDZZTP8X 1qDM4WzNrb5t5CXBgwGAbV7H v99bZIA3TpEohEvv ZW6WAStreamlined Access- Give learners access to their Enterprise Coursera Program via single sign-on, and help expedite access to resources which further increases productivity.


THtEveod6aFW0eh8kWBRmE4qhVitjr1A  OJzW0JzAdj2w5X3Xgw6F7b4hWzkwVCUylRchpcgvI5jUHGtwrAdBP8pfcuGbFldqhpNgBLHv6m MM9f P GyvxG3NAlhPcsQSeamless Experience - When a user arrives at the Coursera for Business program, they are prompted to create their account. With Okta SSO, the user can press the “Login with Okta” button to initialize their account (if the first visit) and thereafter login with the same button.


3T9FNjfoA1BWcQvtajwsd0pcSbA9rESYc5NKrRivX suOKp OV ZfOhVpNELr8 oSBHT1xZtVfQDVENyTWZqjPmU3TZ1JiuwGkTswpMpFbsNO1IBjDmPEq4GQ8kHkODk8QUser verification - We can use the SSO exchange attributes to verify a user and can automatically invite a user to an enterprise program based on attribute values received in the SAML payload. We can also enrich the Coursera user profile based on SAML attributes, which will appear in reports and user information.


yMdldk8g9LwhMD4iDenGvguxOIzeI8qDnL7GSxX7M9Ph FQrv8eddZuePvNz 0x0ky0diqzs0 YMON8ZIeRhFojSxuLia0mU fLvkc4wVIj3sf269P0rupZIleq7GstzwgGet Coursera access on the go - With automated Coursera app deployment to mobile devices and mobile SSO, your employees can stay productive and secure outside of the office


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Okta Verified
Okta Verified
The integration was either created by Okta or by Okta community users and then tested and verified by Okta.

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