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CrossLead is an advisory services company with a software solution that enables complex organizations to operate with the speed and adaptability of a small team. Drawing from shared experiences transforming the US counter-terrorism effort from a siloed, hierarchical apparatus into a high-performing network, we developed CrossLead to scale the adaptability of small teams to the enterprise level. It removes silos, eliminates dysfunctional practices, and dramatically increases the pace at which organizations can operate and succeed in complex environments.

Our founder and CEO, David Silverman, co-authored the New York Times bestselling book Team of Teams: New Rules of Engagement for a Complex World which details the methodology that we implement with our clients. Originally founded in 2011 as McChrystal Group, LLC, CrossLead spun off in 2016 to scale our software-enabled leadership solution to empower organizations to minimize uncertainty and thrive in ambiguity. Based in Washington DC, we work with corporations and nonprofits globally.