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Cybozu (cybozu.com)


Cybozu.com is the collective name for a series of cloud services provided by Cybozu, Inc. The integration with Okta helps administrators to setup SSO for the following 4 services, Kintone: Business application platform that allows non-technical users to quickly and painlessly build the apps they need for their businesses. Cybozu Office: Comprehensive groupware solution for small & medium-sized businesses that combines an established schedule sharing functionality with other features (e.g. Message Board, File Management System, Email) into one seamless package. Garoon: Groupware solution for large & medium-sized enterprises that is a centralized business portal to streamline cross-organizational information sharing and better leverage your data by integrating with other products. Mailwise: Email client that displays incoming emails to all team members and centralizes the management of previous correspondence, to greatly improve the efficiency in your organization.