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Detectify is the first company of its kind by automate the cutting-edge knowledge of the best ethical hackers in the world to secure public web applications. Users check web applications against 1500+ known vulnerabilities beyond the OWASP Top 10. In a fast-paced tech environment, the potential attack surface increases with each release and new app created. Using Detectify, you can monitor your subdomains for potential takeovers and remediate security issues in staging and production, and find vulnerabilities as soon as they are known, to stay on top of threats.

This is included:
- A scanner that checks your site for 1500+ vulnerabilities
- The latest security tests submitted by ethical hackers
- Unlimited number of scans
- An extensive knowledge base with over 100 remediation tips
- Team functionality so that you can easily share reports
- Integrations with popular tools like Splunk, Slack, Jira and PagerDuty