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Digitile's AI-powered cross-platform file search solution centralizes business files from across multiple cloud platforms including GDrive, Gmail, Dropbox, OneDrive, Slack, Outlook, Trello, and more. With Digitile, users are able to find files, regardless of where they’re stored, using the comprehensive file search functionality powered by machine learning. The search tool combines artificial intelligence, image recognition, keywords, tags, and natural language processing to help users find the files they are looking for even if they cannot remember file names.

The smart search functionality allows users to locate files using files names, keywords, tags, author names, and more, and files can be tagged in bulk to aid the search process. Digitile also uses artificial intelligence to automatically assign files relevant tags based on the content, making it easier for users to locate files even if they don't recall the file name.

When searching for files, Digitile provides users with previews of all images, documents, and files, regardless of which platform they are stored in. Users receive a cross-platform view of all of the files relating to the search term, and files with multiple versions are all displayed so that users can select the most up-to-date version. Users can even share files across platforms with colleagues, clients, or external partners.