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Factual is a location data company that helps marketers and their organizations use location to better understand, reach and engage consumers.

Location data is key to driving smarter business decisions for marketers and brands. Our world is now mobile, computing is everywhere, and the power of location data helps companies to provide personalized, relevant experiences for their audiences.

Customers use Factual’s insights, targeting, measurement, and data enrichment products to build and execute digital advertising strategies, understand audiences, measure success, and support innovative business solutions.

Factual’s clients and partners include several billion-dollar companies such as Apple, Facebook, Uber, Snap, Google and Microsoft, to name a few. Factual data is used by more than 6,000 leading brands around the world, including all 50 of the top national advertisers (per AdAge). Its data is integrated within most major marketing platforms which together represent more than 80% of all programmatic spend.