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Fastly’s edge cloud platform powers fast, secure, and scalable digital experiences for the world’s most popular businesses. Signal Sciences, now part of Fastly, is a leading next-gen WAF and RASP web application protection solution built to detect and stop attacks wherever you run your apps, APIs, and microservices.

Authentication and Provisioning

Fastly’s Okta integration enables you to turn on single sign-on (SSO) for Fastly products. With Fastly, you can also manage your corporation's users with enhanced provisioning functionality. Provisioning is enabled via SCIM and is only available to certain plans. With support for Okta groups, you can assign users roles and workspace/site memberships easily.

Risk Ecosystem Integration

Fastly’s Next-Gen WAF (Signal Sciences) also integrates with Okta’s Adaptive MFA product via the Risk Ecosystem API. Through this integration, risk signals that are detected by Fastly are sent to Okta’s Identity Risk Engine in real time, thereby allowing Okta to correlate suspicious and malicious IP addresses with end-user accounts and apply enforcement actions. The Risk Engine integration is only available to Fastly customers on select license tiers.

Fastly Integration with Okta diagram