Last updated: Nov 21, 2023

Integration detail

FIDO and PKI Credential Management - vSEC:CMS and vSEC:CLOUD


Okta and Versasec together provide enterprise customers with a simple and efficient way to pre-register and manage the digital identities of employees. Versasec credential management systems, vSEC:CMS and vSEC:CLOUD, streamline all aspects of managing credentials (FIDO, PKI, physical access) by connecting to Okta Identity Cloud, enterprise directories, certificate authorities, physical access control systems, email servers, log servers, biometric fingerprint readers, PIN mailers, and more.


The Challenge:

  • Many enterprises and organizations are using weak security authentication solutions, allowing cybercriminals to log in. 
  • The wave towards phishing-resistant multi-factor authentication and the adoption of FIDO credentials leave organizations overwhelmed with how to deploy and manage credentials.
  • Increased tighter government regulations raise awareness of the issues but still do not provide a clear path for enterprises to adopt.
  • Every entity is different based on industry, employees, and infrastructure. Each organization requires a tailored solution to manage its own preferred credentials that fit its budget and ecosystem.

The Solution: 

  • With vSEC:CMS and vSEC:CLOUD, organizations can issue credentials to employees, personalize the credentials, and manage their lifecycle - directly from Versasec off-the-shelf products and the cloud.
  • Versasec integrates seamlessly with Okta’s identity management to present admins and users with the best experience.
  • Say goodbye to manual, repetitive, unsafe, time-consuming tasks by replacing them with automation by using pre-existing templates and ready-to-go workflows.
  • Versasec products and cloud allow not just for the orchestration of FIDO credentials but also PKI, and physical access. One platform for all enterprise passwordless credentials.




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Download a free evaluation version of the Versasec credential management system