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Gatekeeper is an intuitive, cloud-based Contract Management and Vendor Management solution designed to help businesses gain drive maximum value from their contracts and supplier relationships.

Businesses and their growth are built on the foundations of contracts and supplier relationships, yet most organisations still struggle with fundamental questions that need immediate and accurate answers:

-How many contracts do we have?
-When do these contracts renew?
-How much will these contracts cost?
-Where are the contract copies?
-Am I getting the agreed prices and the best value?
-When was the last time this contract was negotiated?
-Is this supplier a risk to our organisation?
-What termination options do we have?

Gatekeeper was designed to solve these problems and more. Built for the cloud, Gatekeeper allows you to store all supplier and contract data in a central repository, giving your business a single source of truth.

By placing artificial intelligence and automation at the the heart of Gatekeeper, we save businesses time and money, whilst simultaneously minimising risk and making them more resilient.

Our built-in communication platform stores all messages to and from suppliers in a fully searchable audit trail - keeping your company and your team in control - even in a changing landscape.

Here are some of the benefits of using Gatekeeper:

Contract Management
A central searchable repository of all contracts and renewals dates. Clarify ownership and store all communications, key documentation and contract obligations- all in one place, always up to date, company-wide.

Vendor Management
Manage vendor data and relationships in one central place, across your team. View supplier information, document, contracts, track compliance and send email requests directly from inside the application.

Unlimited users - on all plans
Don't be constrained by license-based pricing. Collaborate at will with as many colleagues and third-parties as required.

Integrated Electronic Signature
Speed up your time-to-signature by using our fully compliant and integrated eSign solution. Generate a complete audit trail of pre and post-signature activities all at no additional cost. Reduce your reliance on third-party electronic signature providers.

MS Word-Compatible Redlining
Negotiate your contracts freely with the world's favoured redlining solution - MS Word. Simply check your documents in and out of Gatekeeper, whilst maintaining control over versions and access.

Secure Access
Control who can see document records with precise, secure access controls. Maintain confidentiality and compliance with ease.

Renewals Management
Receive alerts and graphical reports to proactively manage your upcoming contract renewals.

Cost Reduction Tools
Reporting, consolidation and workflow tools to reduce your Supplier costs.

Risk & Action Tracking
Manage risks, compliance, RAG status and KPI’s using simple and powerful action tracking and reporting.

Analytics Suite
Gain clarity over renewals, spend, risk, compliance and user activity - across your company or entire group.

Collaboration Tools
Collaborate with colleagues and suppliers with built in messaging and workflow features. Send messages linked to specific suppliers and contracts to centralise knowledge and current status across the team.

Custom Data
Tailor Gatekeeper to your exact needs using our intuitive, flexible and powerful custom data features.

Seamless Integration
As well as the unlimited integration capabilities offered by our open API, we also have specific integrations with NetSuite (dedicated SuiteApp), Single Sign-on with SAML 2.0 (Okta, OneLogin) & Google and Microsoft Apps.

Set a reporting currency and enter contracts and spend in any currency - all with total control over exchange rates inline with your corporate standards.