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GoLinks, known as go links, golinks, go/links, or go-links, are intuitive, easy-to-remember short links, shared by teams. It transforms long, ugly URLs into human-readable go links that can be used directly in browsers, emails, chats, and in conversation.

Teams large and small are increasingly relying on cloud-based tools to get work done, however, the way they access those tools have largely stayed the same.

Employees are expected to manage their own access to these apps with personal bookmarks and typically end up disturbing team members to find information. Some companies may have resources listed in long wikis or docs with pages and pages of URLs. Either of these options requires intensive searching and hunting, leading to productivity loss. Scarier yet, if knowledge isn't properly documented in a single-source-of-truth, it may become completely lost.

GoLinks enables companies to effectively, efficiently, and securely access and share work information and resources at scale. It becomes the ultimate connector between team members and their tools.