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Highly scalable, elastic, and secure cloud analytics architecture capable of supporting the entire data pipeline for companies with hundreds of internal or external users: SaaS’ customers/users, external partners (other companies), or internal teams.

Best for companies looking for a seamless, secure, embeddable, and highly customizable data analytics platform for hundreds or thousands of internal or external users. These users can range from internal teams to outside organizations (business partners, suppliers, brands) or SaaS’ customers/users.

GoodData aims to revolutionize the way that companies provide analytics to their partners and customers. Through enabling access to seamless and customizable ad hoc analytics right at the point of work, GoodData enables its users to make smarter and quicker data-driven decisions.

The GoodData business intelligence and data analytics platform is capable of supporting the entire data analytics pipeline, from data modeling (ETL) to data integration as well as data reporting and visualization. The GoodData platform enables developers to embed, customize, and brand their analytics while remaining intuitive, allowing non-technical users (managers and specialists) to create personalized reports and dashboards through simple drag and drop action.

GoodData provides a platform to boost the adoption of modern analytics, designed to empower end-users with ad hoc workspaces, and remove costly customization of reports. As a hosted solution, updates roll out quickly, allowing end-users to continually benefit from platform improvements. Some direct benefits of utilizing the GoodData platform are:
- Powerful and easy to use analytics - for any skill level.
- Flexible pricing options for companies of all sizes.
- A flexible platform for developers - providing infinite options.
- Robust and flexible data integration - supporting any source or technology stack.
- Enterprise-level security and governance - enabling agile growth.

Additionally, enterprise-level security and governance allow the GoodData platform to keep customer's data secure and protected under all circumstances, while remaining in line with the highest data security standards set by HIPAA, GDPR-S, and SOC2.

The GoodData platform provides a flexible pricing plan through a “pay as you grow” model. This means you can even start for free and scale up as your business grows, all while avoiding individual user fees.