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iPad Receptionist


The Receptionist for iPad is designed to help you calm visitor chaos in your front office. Our system handles tasks like guest check-in and notifications, visitor information storage and badge printing so that you can focus on making more meaningful connections with your visitors.

With The Receptionist for iPad, you can create unique, customizable, button-based visitor workflows to match your visitor types and business policies. The Receptionist for iPad is the only visitor management system with two-way communication (SMS, Slack, and email). The system also includes message forwarding, the capture and storage of visitor logs, drag-and-drop badge creation and printing, photo and signature capture, NDA and legal agreement sign-offs, and compliance verification. New contactless check-in features allow you to check-in visitors, have them answer questions, and sign agreements from their mobile devices without having to touch an iPad.

Thousands of companies and millions of visitors worldwide rely on our cloud-based visitor check-in solution to help harmonize their visitor and delivery traffic and make a radical first impression. The Receptionist for iPad sets the standard for efficient, secure, compliance-based visitor check-in and world-class customer satisfaction. A U.S.-based company with U.S.-based support, the Receptionist for iPad offers simple setup matched with easily customizable features for your specific business needs.