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Kentik SAML


Kentik offers a scalable and customizable AIOps platform that provides full network visibility. We combine a NetFlow network monitoring tool with solutions for ingesting data like VPC Flow Logs, business context & application context. Kentik advises on network and security performance, troubleshooting, planning and cost management.

Full Multi-Network Visibility
On one screen, Kentik provides visibility and insights about your traffic as it flows through your applications, network, edge, internet, and hybrid/multi-cloud (Amazon, Google, Internal and MS Azure). You can recognize issues and their impact on performance and customer experience in customizable dashboards.

Leverage Network Data with Business Data
Kentik captures a high-resolution view of your actual network traffic data and enriches it with critical application and business data, allowing every network event or analysis to be tied to business information - revenue & costs, customer/user experience, performance & risk.

Open APIs
With the Kentik platform, facilitate private or public SaaS delivery with open APIs. No additional hardware, development or maintenance is required. On-premise solutions are also available.

Kentik’s platform unifies network operations, performance, security, and business intelligence. When congestion, hot-spots, outages & other traffic anomalies occur, Kentik uncovers root causes by drilling down to understand how they map to your physical or logical infrastructure in real-time.