Last updated: Jun 20, 2023

LogMeOnce Password Manager


LogMeOnce integration with Okta provides Zero Knowledge single sign-on (SSO) which means you are the only one who knows the encryption key to your data. Your keys are automatically set up and managed via your instance of Hardware Security Module (HSM). Extends Okta with an Enterprise Password-Less Password Management software, Dark web Identity Theft protection, Leaked Password Monitoring, and Cloud Storage Encryption. Enables frictionless authentication using multiple login options. LogMeOnce’s unrivaled Login options are embedded with automatic 2FA such as Face, Fingerprint, Selfie and PIN authentications, and many more enterprise features. Extends enterprise’s flexibility for sharing passwords securely with their team members. Additionally, this enables, risk-based and adaptive MFA authentication while meeting your security compliance requirements. OKTA integration provides IT & MSP companies with their own Password Management solution to manage their customers as well.


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Okta Verified
Okta Verified
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