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ManageEngine Password Manager Pro


Password Manager Pro offers a complete solution to control, manage, monitor, and audit the entire life-cycle of privileged access. In a single package, it offers four solutions - privileged account management, remote access management, privileged session management, and SSL certificate management.

Password Manager Pro basically consolidates all your privileged accounts in a centralized vault in fully encrypted form. It enforces password management best practices and secures the privileged accounts, the keys to your kingdom. It helps mitigate security risks related to privileged access and preempt security breaches and compliance issues.

Privileged Account Management:

Adopt a best practice approach for effective management of privileged accounts that form the security perimeter around mission-critical data servers and other IT assets in your environment—whether they use password or key-based authentication, including those of operating systems, databases, servers, applications, cloud platforms, and networking devices.

Remote Access Management:

Establish centralized control on access pathways and define how users connect to target systems. Ensure ultimate security in all privileged connections with one-click login capabilities instead of sharing credentials in cleartext. Tunnel connections through an encrypted channel gateway, requiring no direct connectivity between the user device and remote host.

Privileged Session Management:

Stay aware of what your users are doing with their privileged access and prevent
misuse. Facilitate advanced monitoring to check whether users—employees and third parties alike, stay within their provisioned scope. Readily answer questions regarding the ‘who’, ‘what’ and ‘when’ of privileged access.

SSL Certificate Management:

Gain complete visibility and control over your SSL environment. Stay away from risks of certificate expiration oversights, obsolete hashing algorithms and weak cipher suites that cost you your customers’ trust. Experience seamless, end-to-end management of certificate life cycles.

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Last updated

Apr 23, 2021