Last updated: Apr 19, 2022

MongoDB Atlas


MongoDB Cloud is the unified data and serverless development platform with the leading database for modern applications at its core. Query live and historical data, search, analyze, and innovate at the edge, all with a single expressive API. Use Okta to manage access to MongoDB Cloud, support channels, and free online training at MongoDB University.

The Challenge

  • Teams need easy access to a wide variety of cloud tools, support channels, and educational resources to achieve their goals
  • Lack of centralized access management platform makes it difficult for admins to configure and review authentication and permissions
  • Providing secure access to resources on an ongoing basis, especially as user roles change, can be a manual and time-intensive task

The Solution

  • Maintain enterprise security control. Simplify and standardize database security controls so admins can configure and review user authentication and access in Okta
  • Deliver a more cohesive and seamless user experience. Maintain and implement fewer security protocols across the enterprise by using Okta for users to access MongoDB cloud products (MongoDB Atlas, MongoDB Realm, MongoDB Charts), support channels, and MongoDB University from a single login flow.
  • Easy to configure. Adhere to the highest enterprise security standards and compliance regulations without extensive and complex configurations

Features & Functionality

  • MongoDB Cloud organization owners can set up a federation for their company and ensure that all users login using Okta
  • Organization owners can whitelist domains to their company’s federation so that only users with an email address from the listed domains can access MongoDB Cloud
  • Users can use the same identity provider configuration across all organizations they belong to, ensuring a unified login experience

Simplify access to all of MongoDB Cloud and the tools you need to move fast

MongoDB Cloud

MongoDB Cloud includes an integrated set of fully managed data services — including Atlas, the global multi-cloud database service, Atlas search, and Atlas Data Lake — and our serverless application development platform for web and mobile applications, MongoDB Realm.

monbodb cloud
24/7 Support Portal

24/7 Support Portal

Customers can visit MongoDB’s 24/7 Support Portal for end-to-end support covering the usage of the MongoDB Cloud platform, advice on data best practices, and advice on improvements for specific queries, indexes, etc.

MongoDB University

MongoDB University provides on-demand courses for developers and administrators designed for different levels of MongoDB expertise. MongoDB University for Teams provides learning management and progress tracking capabilities for admins.

MongoDB University


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Here is a section all about documentation, integration, and implementation.

  • Integration Guide:


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  • Tutorial MongoDB Cloud Setting up Federation with Okta

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  • Getting started with MongoDB Atlas

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Okta Verified
Okta Verified
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