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Sign into Namely and automatically manage employee data


Namely covers your essential HR needs and compliance requirements in one place. It helps you recruit, onboard, and manage your employees, ensure they get paid, and offer perks to attract and retain them. Manage all of your HR data in one place, with personalized service to help your company get better, faster.

Okta's integration with Namely unifies IT and HR activities by using employee data and profiles to inform the user lifecycle across your enterprise's IT systems.

The Challenge

Namely and other HR Information Systems (HRIS) are often the system of record for keeping track of employee data, sharing employee updates with IT in order to create new user accounts, provision them for applications, and deactivate them when they leave the company. But as directories, apps, and human resource information systems migrate to the cloud, HR and IT need to find less risky and more efficient systems for inter-departmental communication.

  • Inefficient processes: It’s time-consuming and risky to send data through email, file extracts, and attachments
  • Gaps in security: It takes a typical company about two full days to deprovision a departing user, adding risk
  • Idle employees: Waiting for helpdesk tickets, app assignments and permissions updates costs precious hours

The Solution

Okta’s integration with Namely unifies IT and HR by using Namely’s employee data and updates to inform the user lifecycle across the enterprise’s IT systems like SaaS and on-premises applications, as well as Microsoft’s Active Directory.

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Provision users automatically: Use “New Hires” and other HR triggers and user attributes (e.g. department, title) to automate the assignment of IT-managed applications.


Ensure data fidelity and freshness: Sync employee attributes and updates from HR systems to downstream applications on an ongoing basis.

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Automatically deactivate departing employees: When employees leave, close security loopholes with HR-triggered access suspension and automated deprovisioning.

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Improve employee productivity: Provision new users on hiring, enable them to update their profiles through self-service, and auto-updating permissions when roles change.

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Here is a section all about documentation, integration, and implementation.

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Okta Verified
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