Last updated: Jun 07, 2021

Nasdaq Boardvantage


Nasdaq Governance Solutions believes technology should break down barriers and free people up to work together. With Nasdaq Boardvantage® software, boards, committees, and leadership teams can help streamline their meeting management and decision-making processes. Nasdaq Boardvantage is designed with an intuitive interface and helpful features, like Single Sign-On (SSO). SSO allows users one centralized login for multiple systems, thereby streamlining the sign-on process and fostering their compliance with their organization’s internal security requirements. SSO allows organizations to be in control of identity management and authentication. Okta’s integration with SSO is a skeleton key to Nasdaq Boardvantage, allowing users to easily access the board portal software. Get up and running fast so that your team can spend more time collaborating and less time troubleshooting the sign-on process. Plus, customizable permission settings ensure targeted user access for the most effective human-driven impact.


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Okta Verified
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