Last updated: May 07, 2021

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The Okta - Nomidio integration combines the leader in identity and access management with device independent multi-factor biometrics to enable secure passwordless authentication. Customers and employees can easily register and login using any device (mobile, laptop or desktop) providing a fast and convenient user experience. Nomidio IDP works with Okta using OpenID Connect and SAML 2.0 to provide customers with biometric passwordless multi-factor authentication (MFA) and a seamless, customizable user experience. Nomidio IDP is delivered entirely as a service and requires zero customer-side implementation, meaning the biometric service is extremely quick to deploy and has no ongoing cost of ownership from hardware, software, support or maintenance.

The Solution

The Okta and Nomidio IDP solution combines quantum-ready biometrics with the leader in identity and access management to provide highly-secure passwordless authentication. Available in the Azure and AWS marketplace, Nomidio IDP is simple to set up and use. Once subscribed, connect the Nomidio IDP integration with your Okta instance, and instantly provide biometric user authentication across all your apps and services.

Top Features

  • Biometric MFA: Users logging on with Okta and Nomidio IDP benefit from silent multi-factor authentication including a private key held within their device, a unique device ID as well as the user’s biometric face and voice prints.
  • Enhanced Challenge: Okta and Nomidio IDP provides the option to add additional security challenges for high risk access / approvals.
  • Password Free: Password free biometric multi factor authentication – Okta and Nomidio IDP provides a clean, low friction user experience for consumer and corporate users alike.
  • No propagation of PII: PII is held in the Nomidio cloud, removing the risk of propagating data, and any authentication challenges are made by pointing and consuming the service.
  • Customer Experience: Okta and Nomidio IDP provide passwordless biometric authentication via the browser, no app is required or need for an additional device to authenticate.


Who should use Nomidio IDP with Okta

Credential sharing is on the rise and proving who your employees, customers or channel partners are who they say they are is critical to protecting your organization. You can implement Nomidio IDP across your organization, or in specific departments, for external customers, 3rd parties, or for particular applications such as Microsoft 365, Salesforce, or Zendesk.


Use Cases

  • Frontline workers often need access to systems remotely, and in some cases this access is only needed at selected times, often resulting in regular password resets, or credential sharing to ensure the task is completed. Passwordless biometric authentication with Okta & Nomidio IDP enables frontline staff to access systems easily and securely.  
  • For the channel - Our customers channels are becoming more complex, with 3rd parties needing access to areas of internal systems, whether it is traditional channels; manufacturers, distributors and resellers or the wider channels including business partners such as software vendors, marketing agencies, outsourced providers, each need to have secure authentication, and Okta & Nomidio IDP provides biometric passwordless authentication without the need of complex app, or additional hardware.
  • High Security Access - For businesses that are dealing with sensitive information, innovations in R&D, medical or scientific information, or the need to provide high level access to approve documents or pricing reductions Okta & Nomidio IDP provide enhanced biometric authentication.
  • Customer Experience, Customers are getting lax in their password hygiene, the sheer number of passwords individuals have  to remember often results in the same password being used multiple times. 72% of password hacks are actually regular logins with stolen credentials. By using Okta & Nomidio IDP you can provide your customers with an easy to use biometric authentication solution so they don’t have to remember passwords, codes or need a gadget or app to authenticate themselves, therefore improving the customer experience and ultimately retention.
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Okta Verified
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