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Ortto is the unified customer journey platform for online business. Ortto empowers brands to grow, by enabling them to understand and make meaningful connections with their audiences at every step of the customer journey — creating easier, clearer, more rewarding experiences. With Ortto you can: Use no-code integrations to unify your data from marketing, finance, support, sales, and product into a single customer profile. Use powerful segmentation to target audiences based on any combination of demographic, firmographic, behavioral, event-based and transactional data. Connect with your audiences across the entire customer journey with hyper-personalized omnichannel experiences. It’s intelligent automation that feels human. Empower your whole team to make data-driven decisions with insightful visual analytics and reports, including custom dashboards to keep your team on target. Using Okta, you can quickly and securely deploy Ortto across your organization with Single Sign-On (SSO).


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