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Palo Alto Networks Prisma SaaS


Prisma SaaS provides visibility, compliance controls and security for cloud applications and sensitive data. It helps minimize the use of shadow IT and secure corporate SaaS applications by mitigating the risk of a data breach in the cloud. Prisma SaaS delivers consistent security and data protection across multiple SaaS applications like Office 365, Salesforce, Slack and Box. It helps govern access to corporate sanctioned SaaS applications from both managed and unmanaged devices, verifying user identity via SAML Okta integration and ensuring that only trusted individuals can access them. It automatically discovers, classifies and secures sensitive data stored across multiple cloud applications, uncovering data loss blind spots and minimizing data loss risk. It identifies and remediates risky exposures and assists in meeting data privacy and compliance requirements to stringent regulations. It also protects corporate applications from malware, exploits and other threats.