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Parse.ly is an analytics platform built for content and designed with the belief that the most successful companies are the ones with the best content. Winning in the digital content world, though, isn't easy. You need to create feedback loops and listen, though data, to what your audience is telling you.

With 30 unique attention metrics, subscriber tracking, and audience segmentation, content creators, analysts, editors, marketers, and communications professionals can use Parse.ly to:
- Grow their business and improve key metrics like reader engagement, conversions, and retention through data-driven insights.
- Act on immediate real-time audience insights or analyze historical data to get a clear picture of the past and plan for the future.

With a built-in personalization platform, product teams can use Parse.ly to create dynamic content experiences powered by data and personalized by users on their website and in their CMS or WCM.

With our data pipeline platform, data scientists and engineers can use our enriched clickstream data to spend less time on data infrastructure and more time on data analysis and insights.

Parse.ly works with 300+ enterprise companies using their trusted data infrastructure:
- The #4 most widely installed premium web technology on high-traffic sites (according to BuiltWith).
- Parse.ly is used by leading media and entertainment companies, DTC brands, Fortune 500 companies, B2B enterprise companies, and anyone who believes content can move their business forward.