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Richer Data. Deeper Insights. Better Outcomes

Phone2Action acquired KnowWho and GovPredict, adding access to the most expansive and up-to-date data on policymakers and influencers and best-in-breed legislative tracking tools.

The new, combined offering positions our customers with best-in-breed technology to get more work done faster, with more accuracy and precision. The result is more confidence to deliver policy wins on the issues that are most important to your organization.

With the full, expanded suite of products, public affairs teams will see the entire landscape and be able to act instantly:

-- Know when and where—and importantly, by whom—your issues are being discussed at the federal, state and local levels, and who among your key advocates and stakeholders are actively donating to political campaigns.

-- Learn their key legislators and influencers are, the best way to contact each of them and their potential relationships and seamlessly publish all advocacy, legislator, and stakeholder management data into an organization's Salesforce

-- Mobilize employees and advocates instantly, leveraging a powerful platform for action and communication that the world’s most successful organizations use.