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Pigeonhole Live


Pigeonhole Live is a live interactive Q&A, Polling, and Survey platform for meetings and events. It is radically changing the way Fortune 500 companies, organisations, and education institutions engage with their live audiences.

Since 2010, Pigeonhole Live has been widely used to facilitate important conversations, engage audiences and bring powerful insights to our users whether in a regular all-hands meeting at a Fortune 500 company or a global conference where leading thinkers and decision-makers discuss pressing issues of their industry.

Pigeonhole Live offers several session formats, each designed to suit your meeting needs. This includes:
- Live Q&A
- Multiple Choice Polls
- Open-ended Polls
- Surveys
- Quiz with Leaderboard
- Word Cloud Polls

Our design philosophy focuses on simplicity, for both meeting planners and the audience users. You can purchase, set up, test, and implement Pigeonhole Live at a meeting all within 10 minutes.

Pigeonhole Live has powered large conferences worldwide and works closely with many Fortune 500 companies such as GSK, Baxter and Amazon Web Services to improve employee communications.