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Productiv is the first enterprise-class SaaS management platform that creates insights to unlock the productivity of your workforce. IT, Finance, and Business leaders collaborate within Productiv to understand application adoption, increase company productivity, and reduce the cost of SaaS expenditures. The most innovative companies in the world trust Productiv, including Zoom, Box, Fox Media, Robinhood, and more. With Productiv, you can do much more than just manage SaaS licenses - you have the insight to proactively help the business grow with a better understanding of how to use the power of every application you use.

The Challenge

  • IT struggles to see a single view of all software use across the enterprise - whether its known, contracted spend or shadow IT
  • Understanding the actual use of SaaS applications in a consistent way is a black box for IT and the business
  • SaaS Renewals are typically a surprise to both IT and procurement, leading to reactive contract conversations
  • IT cannot be proactive in helping the business with an application strategy

The Solution

Together Okta and Productiv give you complete visibility into what SaaS applications you are using, and how you are using them. When you connect Productiv with Okta, you can:

Have a complete view of all contracted, managed, and unmanaged applications in your enterprise

Automate workloads to simplify the ongoing management of licenses

See feature-by-feature utilization of the most important applications

Identify applications that could benefit from Single Sign-On (SSO) and Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) security - but aren’t leveraging them today

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Get rid of your spreadsheets.

  • Visualize your entire SaaS portfolio with platform integrations to your SSO, CASB, HRMS, and expense and finance systems
  • Uncover Shadow IT

  • See application engagement, spend, and renewal data in a single console

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Ensure the right licenses are in the right hands at all times. Focus on right-sizing your license usage so that you’re not wasting money on unnecessary or unused licenses or the wrong license tiers.

  • Configure automated license workflows based on individual usage patterns

  • Automatically provision, deprovision, upgrade, or downgrade licenses 

  • Alerts notify you when licenses are running low

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Get the full ROI of your application investments. 

  • Identify gaps in adoption of specific features or within specific teams and partner with line-of-business owners to drive precise enablement and user training

  • Set adoption goals to maximize your organizational value of existing applications

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Take a data-driven approach to every renewal.

  • Leverage our in depth SaaS Renewal Calendar to plan, prioritize, and alert your team to every critical renewal

  • Productiv analyzes app usage beyond the login so you can understand if you’re getting value for each license tier

  • Compare apps and features that overlap, so you can consult the business on which applications to standardize

How it Works

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Simply connect Productiv to Okta via API. Additionally connect your core platforms such as finance & expense, contract systems, CASB, and HR platforms. From there you’ll have complete view of your applications. You can go even deeper by connecting Productiv directly to the SaaS applications that your organization needs.

Take control of your SaaS strategy through unique insights

The combination of Productiv and Okta will give you the ability to not only control SaaS costs, but also provide the business with a more strategic look at how they should be considering SaaS application investments. 

Our approach will give you the visibility into SaaS that you’re missing today, and leverage that visibility to optimize your usage of existing applications, automate away the busy work around SaaS Management, and deliver the insights that will finally allow you to be more strategic for SaaS in time, investment, and strategy.


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