Last updated: Sep 18, 2020

Integration detail

RACF integration (Mainframe) for Okta by IDMWORKS


The IDMWORKS IdentityForge IBM RACF connector provides a standard and seamless interface between Okta and the IBM RACF Security Manager. It provides full support for managing z/OS IBM RACF system accounts. The IBM RACF connector automates functions that administrators usually perform manually as it functions as a trusted virtual administrator performing tasks such as creating login IDs, assigning dataset access, changing passwords, managing access rules as well as alias catalog management. This reduces administration costs and provides better control of access and resources.

The Okta RACF integration via IDF SCIM interface provides the following use cases out of the box:

Import Users from RACF in Okta

  • Read all users from RACF and import in Okta
  • User Assignment in Okta

Provision users to RACF Mainframe system from Okta

  • Create User
  • Update User
  • Delete User
  • User Password reset
  • De-activate User

Provision groups to RACF Mainframe system from Okta

  • Create Groups
  • Update Groups

Manage Group Membership

  • Add user to a group
  • Remove user from a group