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Spend more time building great software and less time fighting it.

Raygun is a cloud-based platform that provides error, crash, and performance monitoring for your web and mobile applications. With Raygun's powerful suite of tools, teams can achieve complete visibility on issues their users' encounter, with code-level detail into root causes.

Raygun's suite of products covers three main areas, all fully integrated with each other to unlock deeply powerful insights, unlike anything your team has experienced before.

APM - Out of this world application performance monitoring
Empower your team to deliver better digital experiences. Raygun gives you more developer insights than any other solution for a fraction of the price.

Crash Reporting - Fix bugs with greater speed and accuracy
Diagnose and resolve issues users experience. Developers can pinpoint root causes, without having to rely on logs, support tickets, and incomplete information.

Real User Monitoring - Deliver flawless software experiences
Gain visibility into exactly how your application performed in every user session with instance-level diagnostics on every page request.

Raygun gives you visibility into how users are really experiencing your software. Detect, diagnose, and resolve performance problems faster.