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Sage People SAML


Why Sage People?

Get your people productive with a better workforce experience, which you’ll benefit from in return. Our global Sage People system helps increase workforce visibility, boosts HR productivity, and provides better experiences across the entire workforce.

Sage People has over 350k end users in more than 145 countries. We truly care about your success — there’s a reason why our customer team is called ‘Customers for life’. Our 96% renewal rate is a testament to the value we place on our customers’ success. Together with our expert Salesforce and HR consultants and partners, we work tirelessly and passionately to understand what success means for you and your people and deliver just that.

Built on Salesforce, the world’s #1 cloud platform, Sage People benefits from its powerful and secure capabilities. With Sage People you can:

Improve workforce visibility: Get instant visibility into your workforce with a single source of truth. Sage People leverages Salesforce reports and dashboards to provide actionable insights that enable you to make smarter workforce decisions.

Deliver great workforce experiences: Armed with stronger insights about your employees, you can work back from that to create great workforce experiences. Great experiences drive engagement, which increases overall employee performance.

Increase workforce productivity: Design smarter and more agile ways of working: with Sage People you can automate key tasks and create new workflows through user configuration.

Maintain global and local compliance: Create and enforce global policies while enabling managers to remain compliant with local regulations.

Help your organization become a People Company: The changing world of work requires new ways of working, new HR and employee focused processes are replacing traditional HCM practices. With Sage People you can support and nurture your people, your most valuable asset.