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Shoutem (Affiliate Login)


Shoutem is most comprehensive mobile app maker platform that allows you to build mobile applications easily, without writing a single line of code. In other words, you don’t need to be a programmer to create your own mobile application for any purpose, whether it is personal, business, or promotion.

The platform is designed to be easy to use, user ­friendly and to give EVERYONE the opportunity to create their own dream app, without the need to invest massive budgets or time to study programming.

Shoutem offers an easy way for anyone to build their own mobile application for various mobile platforms without having to learn any programming language. The platform allows users to create mobile apps with simple drag ­and ­drop actions and to add various elements quickly into your app without writing the code manually. Also, you can accurately preview your mobile app before publishing it online and avoid any compatibility problems in the future.

CMS and Analytics Features
Shoutem platform provides a powerful CMS that allows you to build content for your mobile app with ease. There are multiple content sources available, as well as custom content modules to allow fast content building process for your application. The analytics tool enables you to analyze your user behavior, app traffic, understand your users, boost engagement, as well as optimize your app performance efficiently. It also offers a built­ in push notification module without any limitations, user management, and user activity information. It’s insanely easy to use the platform ­ anyone can build an app from the ground up. It employs a drag and drop interface so operating it is quick and efficient, allowing you to focus more on your app rather than on figuring out which button does what.

Features & Modules

You can build native iOS, Android and HTML5 apps in no time without any coding skills at all. With the variety of different features and module, Shoutem provides a comprehensive solution for various types of apps ­ from SMEs, shops, communities, news companies, churches, etc. Almost every type of an app can be created with Shoutem platform.

Some of the most popular modules/features are:
- News module
- Loyalty module; Single ­card and Multi­ card loyalty
- Audio & Video module
- Events module
- Facebook, Twitter and Instagram integration
- Shopify integration
- WordPress integration
- Ads integration
- Social module
- Unlimited Push Notifications
- Powerful Analytics module

Multiple Monetization Options

Shoutem not only allows you to build your own mobile app in a quick and easy way, but it also gives you the ability to generate revenue from your mobile app. There are various modules and options available that allow users to generate income from the app. For instance, the e­commerce module allows you to integrate your Shopify store into the app, which makes it possible for you to accept e­-commerce transactions through your app. The mobile advertising module allows you to put advertisements on various mobile advertising networks (DFP, AdMob, MoPub). The places module allows you to promote various local businesses and run a loyalty program, both Single­ card and Multi­ card, for them.

Automated App Publishing

Shoutem allows you to publish your mobile app automatically on Google Play Store and App Store with your developer account. T­he complete publish process is done on Shoutem side so users can focus on the app content and design. App content can be updated anytime, and re­publish of the app is free of charge. Additionally, you can update your app binary for free as well, allowing the best app compatibility with the latest Android and iOS version. The app binary update ensures that your app is always compatible with the latest Android and iOS upgrades, as well as with various mobile devices.

White-­label Reseller program

Shoutem also provides a white-­label reseller solution which is perfect for agencies, individuals or organizations that want to sell Shoutem apps to their clients. Reseller program enables you to generate more revenue by creating quality white-­labeled mobile apps for your clients. Building high ­quality native apps at a fraction of the cost of custom development is easier than ever. In reseller package, resellers can provide clients with very own branded dashboard on own domain. It's 100% customizable for you to make your own, give clients secure accounts to let them manage their app, moderate content, send push notifications and in addition to priority email and phone support, resellers receive initial app ­creation training, plus a dedicated support person.