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The Showpad Sales Enablement Platform unifies sales content management, training, and coaching into a single user experience.

With Showpad Content, one of the pillars of the Showpad Sales Enablement platform, we have helped countless customers bridge the gap between sales and marketing by creating one centralized location that lets sellers discover, present, and share the latest, on-brand content in visually engaging experiences.

For marketers, Showpad delivers bottom-of-funnel insights so teams can invest more in the right content. Sellers have more relevant, value-driven discussions and can rely on powerful conversation intelligence software to keep improving on their sales conversations.

Showpad drives rapid deployment and adoption with best-in-class technology and practices based on the success of 1,200+ customers in over 50 countries. Bridgestone, Honeywell, and Merck, among others, rely on Showpad’s sales enablement platform in every step of the buyer journey.

Learn more at https://www.showpad.com/overview/