Last updated: Jan 10, 2023

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Socure ID+


Socure is the leading platform for digital identity verification and trust. Its predictive analytics platform applies artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques with trusted online/offline data intelligence from physical government-issued documents as well as email, phone, address, IP, device, velocity, date of birth, SSN, and the broader internet to verify identities in real time. It is the only solution that analyzes and correlates every facet of an individual’s digital identity to accurately verify individual identities while simultaneously detecting fraudulent ones. Together Socure and Okta, provide complimentary offerings that enable organizations to deliver an effortless identity verification experience for end-user registration workflows. Okta provides the authentication and access management needed to manage customer identities, while Socure provides the fully automated identity proofing and risk-based identity decisioning needed to validate digital identities in remote settings.

The Challenge

• Americans Without Credit History - 20% of Americans have “thin” credit files and are invisible to legacy solutions that rely on credit data alone to establish a view of whether a person exists.
• Those Most in Need - Americans most in need are the most underserved by legacy solutions that cause burdensome experiences accessing online services while also failing to prevent identity fraud.
• Americans Without IDs - Many legacy solutions only effectively serve Americans with government IDs, leaving a population deprived of needed benefits (some studies found that 11% of Americans lack these IDs)

The Solution

• Complete View of Identity - Utilize identity elements (e.g., SSN, Name, Email address, IP, phone, device), natively orchestrated by advanced AI/ML, to maximize accuracy, reduce false positives, and eliminate the need for disjointed stacks of products.
• Streamline Fraud Risk Management - Accurately detect identity fraud across the digital customer lifecycle and automate action based on organizational risk posture.
• Improve Customer Experience - Reduce customer wait times with results in as little as 400 milliseconds.
• Reduce Bias-driven Friction - Minimize impediments for those in need with expansive data coverage, and algorithms built to overcome bias in legacy solutions.
• Automate Document Verification- Authenticate government IDs, stop spoofing, and confirm customers are who they say they are.
• Reduce Costs - Reduce costly manual reviews by up to 90% with instant decisions.

Use Case: Marketplace of Okta integration network and ID+ webhook.

Organizations using Okta for MFA and SSO can implement strong identity proofing and fraud detection capabilities across their entire digital lifecycle by leveraging Socure’s solutions. 

Okta and/or the agency provides the main user experience for account sign-up and account sign-in. 

Socure provides the backend identity proofing services and optional document verification user experience  that can be white labeled through a no-code interface. 

Figure 1: Socure - Okta Integration 

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