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Stampli is The Most Powerful Way to Process & Pay Invoices.

Stampli is a G2 leader in AP Automation for the past 5 consecutive quarters.

Stampli makes it effortless to automate AP. By centering communications on top of the invoice, issues are quickly resolved and approvals happen 5x faster. Stampli easily integrates with your accounting system or ERP. And now, you can also pay your way with easy-to-reconcile ACH transactions or painless paper checks, right from Stampli.


1. No Sweat Setup
Enjoy the freedom of month-to-month Accounts Payable Automation. Get set up in 1-day as our award-winning success team ensures processes and systems from custom fields to preferences are maintained. Learn more about how 24-hour implementation works here: https://www.stampli.com/covid/.

2. Smart Capture. Smart Coding
Meet Billy, your personal intelligent AP bot, equipped with advanced OCR, ML and AI technologies. Billy captures invoice data in real-time and learns your accounting process for accurate coding and approval routing. Modern paperless approach to AP with duplicate detection, built-in calculations, PO support & more.

3. Approvals Solved
Get everyone on the same page, or rather, invoice. Ask and answer questions from teammates or management. With easy access to relevant details and documents available at the click of a mouse, making an invoice decision has never been easier.

4. Easy Pay. Easy Match.
Pay your way with maximum flexibility and control. Use your preferred payment method, or Stampli Direct Pay for easy payment runs with painless paper checks or easy-to-reconcile ACH transactions. Collect, manage and own all your vendor payment data.

- Easy integration that scales: Works with your existing accounting systems and invoice processes, and can easily adapt to future changes
- Faster decisions & accurate coding: Learns your accounting process for faster and accurate GL coding and invoice approval workflows
- Real-time invoice processing: Invoices and bills are automatically captured into the platform and immediately available for processing
- Add anyone to the conversation: Get answers to questions faster by including approvers, contributors and vendors to the conversation
- Audit-ready access: One-click access to all conversations and activities related to the invoice to easily support audits
- Intuitive dashboard: Easy-to-use interface with anytime, anywhere access for AP, approvers, or any users involved with a bill
- Segregation of duties: Enforce internal controls and mitigate fraud by using standard and customizable roles and permissions
- Full Visibility: Gain 365 visibility into invoice status and metrics using advanced search, reports, and management dashboard