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Meet StarLeaf

StarLeaf enables you to work better, wherever you are, with world-class video meetings. Choose from a comprehensive range of products and services, designed from the ground up for the enterprise, including dedicated systems for meetings rooms and spaces of all sizes, and an easy-to-use desktop and mobile solution that’s cost-effective to roll out to everyone.

Our customers love us because, unique in the industry, we’re built for the enterprise. Interoperability is at our core: we understand how you work, with intuitively simple solutions that integrate with every aspect of your workflow. We have a unique 99.999% uptime SLA, and we’re one of only a few providers to achieve ISO/IEC 27001 certification, the most respected and internationally recognized security and compliance standard.

Intuitively simple and refreshingly easy to use, StarLeaf gets rid of downtime and disruption to make meetings effortless. Meet better. Meet StarLeaf.